Why You Should Seek An Experienced Drug Crime Defense Attorney To Represent You In Court?

Experienced Drug Crime Defense Attorney

Getting arrested for a drug crime is a serious matter, and you should seek an experienced drug crime defense attorney to represent you in court. Not only is it possible to receive acquittal, but if you are lucky, you may even get your drug charges dropped. Drug offenses can affect your life in many ways, from your ability to live in your own home to your job prospects. Even if you do not receive a conviction, you may still have to pay a substantial fine and serve time in jail.

Drugs in Illinois include oxycontin, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth, and prescription medications. Depending on the charges, you could face a lifetime in prison, a large fine, or probation. The penalties can be substantial, and you need an experienced drug crime defense attorney to protect you.

An experienced drug crime defense attorney knows the laws and how to build a solid defense. They will analyze your case from multiple angles and determine the best defense strategy for your case. A successful defense will involve presenting evidence that your charges are unjustified, and challenging any evidence collected from the search. An experienced attorney can also argue for the suppression of evidence, and help you avoid a criminal record. If you are looking for a good criminal lawyer, check out Kimberly Stover, Attorney at Law at www.virginiacriminaldefenseattorneys.net/drug-crime-defense-attorney/ for guidance and Free Consultation!

A skilled attorney can also argue that your drug charges are the result of a mental health condition, and that you qualify for a diversionary program that will get your record clean. In New Jersey, there are several diversionary programs available for first time drug offenders, including Pre-Trial Intervention, and a conditional discharge program. These programs are designed to help offenders who need treatment and are not looking to end up in prison.

There are also states that have legalized certain drugs. These can be a great option for those who need relief from pain, but they can also be dangerous if abused. A skilled attorney will have the experience to know which drugs are safe to use and which are not. If you are accused of possession of a controlled substance, you can have it elevated to possession with intent to deliver.

If you are facing drug charges in New Jersey, you will want to consult with an experienced drug crime defense attorney to determine the best defense strategy. Your attorney will take the time to review your case and the relevant laws. They will interview witnesses, and conduct a detailed examination of the evidence collected. A skilled attorney will also take the time to design a winning defense strategy, and then fight to have your charges dropped or dismissed.

An experienced drug crime defense attorney will also know the laws concerning the most important drug facts. The most important of these is not necessarily the most expensive. The best defense for trafficking charges involves challenging the evidence collected from a search. A skilled attorney can argue that your property was not involved in drug manufacturing, or that the quantity of narcotics recovered was too small to be considered possession.

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